The Company

Here at Hatton Garden Pawnbrokers, we have our own specialists in all types of jewellery, silver and object d’art who have been operating in London’s jewellery quarter for decades. This has enabled us to build up an impressive repertoire of skills, knowledge and insight with which we advise our customers.

Our history

We are part of Pearlpex Sales – a family-run manufacturing company that was founded in 1952 by Reginald Davis (the father of Hatton Garden Pawnbroker’s managing director, Jeremy Sinclair Davis). Pearlpex specialised in upmarket commercial jewellery.In 1989, the manufacturing business was sold, and Jeremy – an expert in the jewellery business – took over the company.

Jeremy founded Hatton Garden Pawnbrokers in 1990, and now employs a team of expert in-house pawnbrokers to deliver exceptional services to our customers. We are delighted to be such an integral part of the diamond district’s modern history, and have over 30 years’ experience in providing expert jewellery pawnbroking to members of the public and specialist jewellery traders. Our connections with local and international traders mean that we are constantly improving our awareness of both the local and global jewellery markets.

Jewellery pawnbrokers that you can trust

Here at Hatton Garden Pawnbrokers, our dedication to customer service and high-end pawnbroking means that we have grown rapidly over the past three decades, expanding our expertise and seeing our customers entrust us with increasingly exquisite, rare and valuable pieces of jewellery and watches.

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Hatton Garden Pawnbrokers is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 258153.


We can provide an expert valuation for insurance purposes and probate on appraisal of your items:

£85.00 Report Fee plus,

£70.00 for each gemset item

Upwards of £85.00 ‘exceptional’ item

Prices are not based on the value of your jewellery

No hidden extras


Hatton Garden Pawnbrokers, 29 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8DA.

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